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Everything has been failing me and I already hate the next year by the way things are going. Anything that I was passionate for is just dead and gone. There’s nothing for me anymore.


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"We aren’t together, but I’m still faithful to you."

- 6:13 p.m. thoughts (via shortyshank)

Fuck Face

All those hours of thoughts, dreams, wishing on falling stars, spending the moments yearning for you to be there. All that time on my mind, wasted on you. Hours, days, months, I will never truly get back. Damn, how I regret them now. Just another fuck who took everything without consideration. I give thanks and appreciation that nothing ever happened, I would never be able to forgive myself for. Everything that could have happened, didn’t. Thank all the Gods for that.

To this, I deserve some drinks.


the man, the myth, the legend
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