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I’ve been laughing for five minutes straight at this stupid video of a flying squirrel, I do believe this counts as deep depression. 


meet my teammate! this is bravo.


Ben practicing riding for ‘War Horse’

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How do you tell one

How much you adore them

That you constantly dream of only them

And kissing their lips every day, every morning

Or that their voice is the only sound that soothes you.

The only warmth you ever want to feel and body you want to comfort 

The only soul you’d do anything for when asked upon any chore or favor. 

How do you tell the one you can see a future with, that you love them, though you two live planets apart and in different millenniums. 



impossibile non rebloggare, aiuto

you don’t really see enough of this.

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If he doesn’t care about your orgasm, he doesn’t care about you

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I think you’re cute

cute as in I wanna hear what you sound like while experiencing an orgasm

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There will always be a soft spot in my heart for guys that actually call me by my name and a nice warm place in hell for those that refer to me as babe. 

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